Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Graduation Time

There were a lot of graduations around us this year. Chris had a few cousins graduating both college and high school. My pseudo-sis Megan finished as UCF and my brother John recived his BA from FSU in Tallahassee.

Megan walked and we had a nice dinner to celebrate. John didn't want to walk but we wanted to celebrate with him. John chose a small family vacation. Mom found a vacation rental in Hudson, FL which is about 20 minutes from Tarpon Springs, FL which has a high Greek population, sponges, Greek food etc. (for perspective, Tarpon Springs is about 45 min north of Tampa).

Tarpon Springs wound up being really touristy and cheezy, but we did find some good food. The house was sweet, it came with a hot tub, paddle boat, fishing poles, a golf cart and more. It was relaxing.

The last night there we had a little family style graduation ceremony for John, awarded him sashes for his accomplishments etc.

Pictures are up on Flickr - here.

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