Monday, October 26, 2009

Unemployment Blues

I've been a really good sport about the unemployment deal, I've tried to have a good attitude, I've applied to literally hundreds of jobs, but today I'm just fed up.

Here are some of the responses I've received after phone interviews where dates, hours and pay were discussed - the end result was "let's meet in person to finalize everything".

"I didn't mention you'd have to move to Madison Wisconsin until July 2010? Oops."

"You're a fanastic candidate and I'm sure you would have done wonders to improve my company, but my old asssitant was laid off Friday so she's coming back to work for me so I'll have to cancel our meeting for this morning, Monday at 11am."

"Our client decided they could staff the three positions internally. But you're a really well qualified candidate, I'll keep your resume on my desk, I'm sure something will come up before the end of September."
Those are bad enough, but check out the responses I've received after in-person interviews, after I dug out my suit, drove to their offices and smiled through the whole thing.

"Our staffing firm didn't technially have the contract and they decided at the last minute to go with another firm."

"We don't have an official start date for the project yet, but when we do you've got the job. We expect it to know by the end of July, scratch that, August, nope, September, nevermind, we'll call you when we know."

"You're well rounded, present well, interview well and would make an amazing addition to our team. As soon as wel get the budget approved for the position we're interviewing for, we'll call to see if you're still available. You're our number one pick."
Do you see why this might get a bit infuriating after nearly 6 months?

If you don't have the contract, or the budget, or the start date - WHY ARE YOU INTERVIEWING?

I'm going to keep telling myself the same thing, the media started the recession frenzy and they can end it. They keep talking about how things are improving so hopfully come January and the new budget year there will be more opportunties out there. That's what I tell myself.