Monday, November 14, 2011

A year later

I think it might be time for a change of purpose.

Everything is moving so quickly and thoroughly to snack sizes. While I have managed to avoid the twitter craze I've definitly found myself gravitating to Facebook. I know, I'm ashamed. but really it's become necessary to stay in touch with society as a whole. These days no one has time for something as cumbersom and old fashioned as a blog they want something quicker and easier to digest, like quick messages on a networking site.

Sometimes I ponder things like who are those 'people' that are my 'friends'? How many of them really care about my 'status'? Realistically though, it doesn't matter because I've been sucked in. It's been a year since I posted here :( So, what does that mean?

It means it's time to re-evaluate my blog and why I have it. I will ponder and be back with more soon.