Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Caroling

I know I haven't been posting much lately, there just hasn't been a whole lot of exciting things going on. Today however was awesome. For weeks I've been trying to get a group of people to go caroling with me. For my international friends this is an old Christmas tradition where a group of people will go door to door and sing holiday songs. As the years go by it is less and less common for people to do this. I myself have only gone once and it was more than a dozen years ago. So tonight was the night.

I was prepared with flashlights, coats, santa and elf hats, a CD to sing a long with and even print outs of the words to the songs on the CD.

We had a great turn out, we started off with 12 adults and one kid. Probably every third house the people came to the door and everyone was very receptive. Then, one guy heard us singing even though we were next door, he came out with his Santa hat on a joined us! Then, several houses later we hit the jackpot. The house was full of adults and kids who had planned on going caroling anyhow, so they joined us as well. They were great singers and we even stopped using the CD as a crutch. Some people even asked us for an encore!

At one point we had over 20 people! It was a great night. Thank you so much to everyone who joined in, you definitely made my Christmas ten times better and I know we brightened lots of peoples evenings.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Unemployment Blues

I've been a really good sport about the unemployment deal, I've tried to have a good attitude, I've applied to literally hundreds of jobs, but today I'm just fed up.

Here are some of the responses I've received after phone interviews where dates, hours and pay were discussed - the end result was "let's meet in person to finalize everything".

"I didn't mention you'd have to move to Madison Wisconsin until July 2010? Oops."

"You're a fanastic candidate and I'm sure you would have done wonders to improve my company, but my old asssitant was laid off Friday so she's coming back to work for me so I'll have to cancel our meeting for this morning, Monday at 11am."

"Our client decided they could staff the three positions internally. But you're a really well qualified candidate, I'll keep your resume on my desk, I'm sure something will come up before the end of September."
Those are bad enough, but check out the responses I've received after in-person interviews, after I dug out my suit, drove to their offices and smiled through the whole thing.

"Our staffing firm didn't technially have the contract and they decided at the last minute to go with another firm."

"We don't have an official start date for the project yet, but when we do you've got the job. We expect it to know by the end of July, scratch that, August, nope, September, nevermind, we'll call you when we know."

"You're well rounded, present well, interview well and would make an amazing addition to our team. As soon as wel get the budget approved for the position we're interviewing for, we'll call to see if you're still available. You're our number one pick."
Do you see why this might get a bit infuriating after nearly 6 months?

If you don't have the contract, or the budget, or the start date - WHY ARE YOU INTERVIEWING?

I'm going to keep telling myself the same thing, the media started the recession frenzy and they can end it. They keep talking about how things are improving so hopfully come January and the new budget year there will be more opportunties out there. That's what I tell myself.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Extreme Politics

I'm sick and tired of this bi-partisian crap. Our country has divided so ridiculously into these two extreme versions of itself. And the system is now set up to support this.

I'm not comfortable being a Republican or a Democrat but if I register as anything else it affects my involvement in certain elections. Alson, there were 2008 candidates from other parties but they weren't included in the debate process.

Everyone has such extreme ideas and wants to do extreme things. Where is the leader who can use common sense to find something closer to the middle that can work for our country? Where is the administration that can clearly explain policy to the public and include the good and bad?

If there is any sort of movement toward this effort? I'm not political enough to start one, but I am passionate enough to jump in. If you know of anything let me know!

Anti-American Fair

I'm not super political. By that I mean that while I do have an opinion I find politics overwhelming and the task of finding the truth daunting. So while there are a few issues I'm passionate enough to invest time in, for the most part I just sort of check out untile election time.

That said, my political stance aside...there are some things that are bugging me.

I realize that there are many americans who didn't vote for our President. That's a challenge with democracy, there will be a minority that will have to accept the majority's decision. Basically part of being an American is accepting the majority voted President and then respecting that person as our leader. Naturally you're entitled to disagree with that person's decisions or positions, but they still deserve repsect.

It hasn't even been a year and there seems to be an awful lot of stuff going around about Obama being anti-american but not a lot of facts, researched facts to back this up. For example, yesterday I saw the SUV below driving around town, the back window says Obama is a Liar! Also there is a YouTube video circulating where John Stossel calls Obama's health care plan anti-american.

Don't get me wrong, we have the amazing right to freedom of speech and opinion in this country. But anti-american? Driving around with accusations against our new president? Isn't all of that anti-american? I know I'm alone on this. I wasn't a George W. Bush fan, but I was one of the few who insisted that as president and leader of our country he deserved respect and I guess I'm just surprised that people are already Obama hating, especially this early on.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

DMB @ The Gorge

A Song that Jane Likes.

Videos to follow tomorrow!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Berries & Sailing

Been having fun on Bainbridge. We made fresh berry cobler one night, so fresh in fact that we used local blueberries, raspberris that Mary picked last week and then for blackberries we actually went down the street and picked them ourselves. Yummy!
Then yesterday we went for a drive in my father-in-law's Porche (it's a black, 930 turbo, 1979 for those of you who care) and then met up with Chris's highschool buddy, Nolan, and went for a sail on Evening Star (a C&C 43 foot sail boat). It looked like it might be futile with so little wind, but as soon as we got out of Port Madison Harbor the wind picked up and they were able to get wind in both sails and we went almost to the shores of Seattle and then back again. During our trip we saw harbor seals and porpoises which is awesome since I ALWAYS miss the wildlife, I'm always down below. But this time I actually saw them!

It was a fantastic afternoon sail, I spent a lot of the time laying on the bow with my feet up and my book in hand. Very relaxing.
Then last night all sorts of people came over for a glass a wine including one of Chris's highschool friends that he hadn't seen in years and years. So that was nice too. We finished it off with some really really good thai food from Sawadty's. Today we bum and tomorrow we see DAVE MATTHEWS!!! :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

West Coast Beaches

Made it to Seattle, not like it was hard since I'd bought a real ticket. It was so nice to not worry about getting on for a change.

Chris was already in town so he and his sister, Jen, picked me up and we spent the day hanging out before heading to Bainbridge Island to stay with my in-laws.

We even made it to the beach, which was weird for me to be at a sandy beach since we were surrounded by mountains.

We have a few days to relax in the island and catch up with Chris's highschool buddies before heading east to the Gorge for the DMB concert on Friday.

It's the prettiest time of year here. It's sunny, in the 70s and of course everything is super green. So I'm hoping so get into town and maybe back into Seattle to take some pictures.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


I'm at Eddie's cousins for brunch when out walks his cousin with Cisco
the mcCall. He's very cool, he keeps saying the he loved me while
dancing. Very cool.

Indian Culinary Experience

One of Margaret's best friends is Indian and her mother offered to
cook dinner for us. So amazingly good!

The whole meal was vegetarian which made it easy. There was a potato
and chik'n stew, yellow lentils, baby eggplant in a spicy smooth tasty
mixture and then these homemade from scratch wheat tortilla type of
things. The tortillas were good on their own but then when you used
them to scoop up the food. .. I ate way to much. :) Then for dessert
she cut up this super sweet and juicy mango.

After dinner we talked and enjoyed conversation. It was a really nice
evening. A nice quiet end to a long and busy day.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Eddie's Reception - LA

I'm in LA, I arrived yesterday and spent the day catching up with
Eddie and his new bride Margaret. Today was their CA reception, they
got all dressed up and we ate and watched their wedding video. It was
nice. As you can see, they make a very handsome couple.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

DMB at the Gorge

For Chris's birthday I scored two tickets to the Dave Matthew's Band concert at The Gorge which is a few hours drive East from Seattle. This venue is absolutely amazing and legendary.

The band has four concerts scheduled here over Labor Day weekend and we have tickets to the second night.

When I bought the tickets I purchased an insurance policy on them because I knew that there was a good chance we wouldn't be able to actually make it to the concert. But we just found out we've overcome the first hurtle - Chris actually got the time off to go. Well, actually, scheduling screwed him over yet again, but he went in to the Chief Pilot who was in a good mood and shifted things around for him. So he now has eight days off in row, right over the holiday weekend.

Now we just have to actually get on a flight out there. We haven't decided yet if we'll be finding a hotel or camping out. Either way I think it will be an amazing evening if we can make it out. Since he scored so much time off we might even be able to spend some time catching up with his family.

UPDATE - turns out that our trip to Seattle will coordinate perfectly with my good friend Eddie's wedding reception party in LA. I'll be flying out there next weekend to hang out with him and participate in the festivities. It's especially special since I had to skip the actual wedding in Maine when Chris couldn't get the time off. So yay for visiting Eddie AND DMB concerts!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shared Art Day

Four years ago, just before moving North, I got together with three of my closest friends for a day of art in the park. We each had a canvas and we each painted about one quarter of our canvas before passing it to another who then painted one quarter and so on, until we each wound up with a canvas that was touched by all.

Last weekend, almost exactly four weeks after the first art day, we had another. One participant changed and the overall skill set of the group increased greatly but the agenda remained the same, and yet again the result was amazing. See?
This is mine from last year. I did the bit with the sun, Hannah did the glitter, Amy the street and Megan the stars.

And this is the new addition from this year. I'm the bottom right, Hannah is the flowers, Megan did the plane scene and the vine is from Laura.

It was a fun day.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sick Time

Ususally I don't mind that Chris is gone a lot. There are definite benefits to being married with extreme independence. There are also major negatives to being alone so much. For example when you're sick and there's no one to play nurse. Thank god we live near family again, Mom promised to have Dad deliver an order of cough syrup and other necessities tomorrow. It still can't quite compare to having someone here to make noodle soup and honey tea.

The worst part is that even though I really wish he were here to take care of me, I'm actually grateful he's not home. It would suck for him to waste his precious few days off taking care of me or worse yet for him to catch whatever I have and have use his sick days on actually being sick - he needs those sick days to make commuting easier.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rediscovering an old Friend

I stumpled accidentally on UCFTV the other night to find Ani DiFranco live on the artists den. It wasn't until then that I realized I miss Ani.

While I may have the inner strength and ability to express myself openly, I was not given the gift of articulation. It is aww inspiring to me when people are able to not only take their thoughts, passions, beleifs and feelings and put them into well thought out prose, but to then have the skill and talent to put that prose to music. Ani DiFranco in particular has a style and beat that really speaks to me...

32 Flavors
squint your eyes and look closer
i'm not between you and your ambition
i am a poster girl with no poster
i am thirty-two flavors and then some
and i'm beyond your peripheral vision
so you might want to turn your head
cause someday you're going to get hungry
and eat most of the words you just said
both my parents taught me about good will
and i have done well by their names
just the kindness i've lavished on strangers
is more than i can explain
still there's many who've turned out their porch lights
just so i would think they were not home
and hid in the dark of their windows
till i'd passed and left them alone
and god help you if you are an ugly girl
course too pretty is also your doom
cause everyone harbors a secret hatred
for the prettiest girl in the room
and god help you if you are a phoenix
and you dare to rise up from the ash
a thousand eyes will smolder with jealousy
while you are just flying past
i'm not trying to give my life meaning
by demeaning you
and i would like to state for the record
i did everything that i could do
i'm not saying that i'm a saint
i just don't want to live that way
no, i will never be a saint
but i will always say
squint your eyes and look closer
i'm not between you and your ambition
i am a poster girl with no poster
i am thirty-two flavors and then some
and i'm beyond your peripheral vision
so you might want to turn your head
cause someday you might find you're starving
and eating all of the words you said

the arrival's gate
gonna go out
to the arrivals gate at the airport
and sit there all day
watch people reuniting
public affection is so exciting
it even makes airports ok
watching children run
with their arms outstretched
just to throw those arms
around their grandpas' necks
watching lovers plant kisses
old men to their misses
at the arrivals gate
watching a mother
with a mother's smile
don't tell me to move
i just wanna sit here for a while
i have determined
it's a sure cure for cancer
watching excitment turn family
dogs into dancers
at the arrivals gate
i got me a white bread sandwich
with some shredded lettuce
and i got me a ringside view
for my quaint little fetish
i just wanna drain my little pink heart
of all its malice
and kick back for the afternoon
in this flourescent palace
everybody's in a hurry
here in
except for me
i'm where i need to be
at the arrivals gate

I need more Ani in my life.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Just saw a commercial for this. Had me cracking up. Seriously, who exercises their neck?
Where do people come up with this stuff?

Friday, July 3, 2009


Mom and John have the day off in honor of Independence Day. We decided to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise by going Kayaking at Blue Springs. We left the springs and went along the St. John's River, around an island and then up a canal before letting the current take us back. It was nice - but my arms are definitly sore :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Winter Park Day Trip

Last week Chris had five whole days off. We actually had enough time together to develop a routine, first time since we moved to the new house. We spent one morning over in Winter Park, we started with the Winter Park Scenic Boat Tour which Chris had never been on.

See the owl?

The boat tour was fun, we saw lots of birds, but no gators. The tour guide had this cheezy sense of humor but he was great. He told us that a few years back the lake chain was over-populated with gators so they had animal control come in and they relocated more than 150 gators to Lake Jessup. More pictures are on my flickr - here.
After the tour we wandered along Park Ave. and then had a nice lunch a Chris's favorite spot - Dexters, he loves their pressed duck sandwich.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Graduation Time

There were a lot of graduations around us this year. Chris had a few cousins graduating both college and high school. My pseudo-sis Megan finished as UCF and my brother John recived his BA from FSU in Tallahassee.

Megan walked and we had a nice dinner to celebrate. John didn't want to walk but we wanted to celebrate with him. John chose a small family vacation. Mom found a vacation rental in Hudson, FL which is about 20 minutes from Tarpon Springs, FL which has a high Greek population, sponges, Greek food etc. (for perspective, Tarpon Springs is about 45 min north of Tampa).

Tarpon Springs wound up being really touristy and cheezy, but we did find some good food. The house was sweet, it came with a hot tub, paddle boat, fishing poles, a golf cart and more. It was relaxing.

The last night there we had a little family style graduation ceremony for John, awarded him sashes for his accomplishments etc.

Pictures are up on Flickr - here.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Prius Commercial

Now that we have a DVR I don't really watch many commercials, but one was so intriguing, even when fast forwarding over it, that I actually went back to watch it. I have to say this is one of my all time favorite commercials, it even beats out the baby who talk about trading stocks. The beauty of it is that it's beautiful, has a great message and that the two actually intertwine so much that you remember it.

I was so intrigued that I went on a quest to find out how the commercial was made and I found allaboutprius.com which had a link to this which I think is worth watching:

So, forgive me if I seem like an over-excited tool of a consumer, but I want to go test drive a Prius now :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Back in Town

We all made it back from our trip, though some later than others :) - all the details are on our travel blog here.

I was able to get all of the pictures up on my Flickr, you should check them out. There are also videos on YouTube here.

While there are lots of pictures of the cities and sites, I also enjoy taking candid shots of people while we travel and since kids do the darndest things....here are my favorites:

Private Flight

Are you still there?
He's still at the age where as long as he can't see you, you can't see him.

Dancing in the Rain

Friday, May 15, 2009

Away Message

Thanks for visiting my blog, but I'm not posting here right now. I'm on a European vacation, you can learn all about it at my travel blog, here. If you would like to leave a comment you can do so after the beep.

Prague, Czech Repulic

Munich & Hamburg, Germany
Dublin, Ireland

Thanks, and have a great day.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

European Adventure

I know what you're thinking "what? away again? in europe, again!?". Yes, it's true. We're using Chris's benefits as much as possible. This time we're taking my parents along....it's hard to believe that this time last year we were all in Greece. This year we're going somewhere a lot less tropical, but hopefully equally enjoyable. If all goes as planned we're going to start in Prague, Czech Republic, then we're going to Germany to visit Munich and Hamburg where I have family, finally we'll spend one night in Dublin Ireland before returning home.

Chris just got home from work, he's very excited to be off for the next two weeks. Things have been especially frustrating and stressful for him at work, so this vacation is much needed. We have tomorrow to finish up the last minute stuff, pack etc. then on Friday we're off!

Watch for my away message in the next post, as usual, I'll be checking email while gone if anyone has any photo/souveneir requests, etc.

Piglet Flu

Thought this was funny considering my view of the whole swine flu craze.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Swine Flu Craziness

By now everyone is hearing all sorts of media-frenzied stuff about the Swine Flu. I have yet to hear the same numbers twice, I hear 2 deaths, than 150, than 6 - know one really knows. Never bother that way more people die from the normal old flu. The worst part is that there is really no way to get the really story because all sources are influenced by the absurd media.

Needless to say I'm not too worried about it, however my husband does work in airports and planes etc so I figured it would be wise for him to bump up his game. We went to multiple pharmacies to pick up some Anti-Swine-Flu Goods, Hand Sanitizer, AirBorne, Zinc and Zycam...they were all out!

I'm shocked.

People need to chill out.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ducks & Gators

Went looking for gators with Rick this weekend. He'd never seen one in
person, much less in the wild. We went all over and finally found
a gator swimming in Lake Adair.

In addition to the gator I spotted this very awesome duck mamma. These
ducklings were pretty old, they'd already lost their fluffiness, and
there were still 11 of them. They swam up and then came on shore to
say hi before swimming away.

-posted from my iPhone-

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Celebrating Exotic Cars

There was an exotic car show over in Celebration, FL today. C and I
went together, it was well organized with a great turnout. A nice way
to spend our Saturday together. Plus C had fun calling buddies to
brag. ;)

The picture is of a line of Ferraris.

Friday, April 17, 2009


I am back, with no interesting thoughts to share that don't relate to travel so instead, my favorite post secrets from this week:

I'll come up with something else cool to post soon. :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Away Message

You've reached my blog. I'm sorry, but I'm not here right now. I'm in Italy with my Mom - you can find us here. Otherwise you can leave a comment after the beep and I'll get back to you.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Moving On

We're pretty much settled in. We're still shopping for a few things, I need a comfie chair for my office, hoping to find a comfie futon but we'll see...We are going to make curtains for the living room. I found the fabric and Old Time Pottery of all places. Other than that we're in. I just have to get used to it all now.

I leave for a trip to Italy with Mom on Thursday though, so it's time to switch gears. Keep up with me while I'm in Italy just hop over to the travel blog.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New House Facts

Fun facts about our new house:

- the trains blow their horn a lot, it's comforting
- our bathroom has no door seperating it from the bedroom, curtain hung
- there is a lot of pedestrian and lake traffic out front, more to watch
- wood floors hurt my feets, slipper shopping
- we are under the hospital helicopter traffic path
- our attic space is huge and yucky and dark
- roger can get to the attic from the laundry room
- roger likes to play peekaboo from the attic with people who are below
- if left alone in the attic roger will nap, with all the insulation, bugs and dust
- roger does not like post-attic bathes
- roger has a short memory and will forever try to sneak back to the attic
- we have a lot of windows, that's a lot of window treatments needed
- merging traditional and modern is tougher than I thought


- the sprinklers go right over our bedroom windows - must close windows on Wednesdays...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spider Payment

A co-worker sent this to me.

It gets a bit out of control, but it is funny. :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009


We're moving next weekend (anyone who wants to help...) from our current apartment on the East side to a house on Lake in Maitland. I got the keys yesterday and spent the day painting.

Pictures of the house and move etc will come.

In the dining room I wanted to do something different, some type of geometric design. I got Mom to design it for me and we go it up on the wall today. I think it's going to be cool, but it will be hard to tell until we take the tape down.

Check out the process here.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

She Skydived & Survived!

My pseudo mom, Velma, wanted to skydive for her birthday. So we all
pitched in and came out to watch and support her.

She was do psyched when she got back that she giggled for three
minutes straight. Says she'd do it again in a heart beat.

I'm very jealous and VERY proud of her.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Random City Crop

This is a vacant lot in college park. The owner has planted a crop of
something. We drove by and they were sitting out watching the
sprinkler water the crop.

Totally random. It felt like a setup for a movie or a candid camera.

Rapping Actor

Chris sent this to me and it caught me off guard. Did you know that Joaquin Phoenix is now a rapper? The same guy from Gladiator, who played Johnny Cash is a rapper?


Apparently he's not very good at it.

Check out the story here.

This makes me sad, because I like him as an actor...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Movie Reviews

I'm a bit behind on my movie reviews. Alright a lot behind. So I'm just going to hit those I've seen in the past few weeks.

Slumdog Millionair : It was on my Netflix list long before the Oscars but after it did so well with the awards and was highlighted in the talk shows, I was even more curious. It was a lot more raw than I expected, I think I would have been impressed if I hadn't gone in with high expectations after the awards. I know, I shouldn't listen to the awards....It was good though, entertaining, original, I definitely recommend renting/flixing it. Makes a good date type movie.

He's Just Not That Into You : I knew nothing about this before seeing it. I was looking for a chick flick to see with a chick buddy and it seemed to fit. The cast was full of very familiar faces which was suprising since the two leads were the least well known. It was definitely a sappy, cheezy girly movie. But you know any movie that can make me smile, laugh, embarassed, uncomfortable, suspensful and sad all in one - well that's entertaining and worth watching. Worth a rent/flix.

That's all for now.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Lent Fast Food?

It's getting to be that season, where little girls where frilly dressers, little boys where bow ties and vests, purple and orage egg salad is found at lunch time and rabbits especially cute. Easter is coming.

I'm always reminded of this by the seafood commericals on TV, suddenly everyone from Wendy's (a burger joint) to Popeye's (a chicken joint) is pushing a seafood dish. It must be Lent season.

Last night, though, I got to thinking about this....Lent - "The purpose of Lent is the preparation of the believer—through prayer, penitence, almsgiving and self-denial—for the annual commemoration during Holy Week of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus." It is most common to give up red meat during lent, especially on Fridays, this satisfies the "self denial" part.

So around this time of year we see commercials for the juicy, delectible seafood options in fast food restaurants.

Isn't this a bit self defeating? I will deny myself the pleasure of red meat but then as a substitute I will eat this deep fried, yummy peice of fish? The fast food joints are making a killing off of successfully enticing devout, lent practicing Christians into enjoying a meal when they're supposed to be in self-denial.

I know, a bit extreme, but I still found it ironic. If I ate fast food I'd be in heaven, this is prime pescatarian (vegetarian + seafood) season in that market!

PS - while I do not participate in any of these religious traditions, I respect those who do, so please don't take this offensively, it's the fast food industry I hold at fault, not the un-suspecting lenter.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Pilot Wife

When we moved back to Orlando I realized that I no longer really know my childhood friends - surprise. So I started using craigslist and meet-up to look for new people. I haven't had much luck so far. I've met people, but no one who's sticking.

Lately I've been interested in finding more pilot wives and was thinking of starting a meet-up for this. I did a google search and found this site. Neat huh? It didn't remedy my problem so I'm still searching and pondering.

Update: I wanted to first respond to packphour's comment - which I do sometimes feel to be true, but I'm social, and I'm on those sites. It's funny, the older you get the harder it is to make friends. I can't walk up to a person with a similar style who seems nice and say "want to go play on the monkey bars". :) Don't worry though, the internet is just one method of expanding my social circle.

The second update is that over the weekend I had lunch with Misty, a fellow pilot wife who's husband is at about the same place C was when we met. He's just about to become a flight instructor in Sanford. So, random internet search equals success!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Don't Divorce Them

I found this touching.

"Fidelity": Don't Divorce... from Courage Campaign on Vimeo.

I know what Mini Mama would say - America was founded on Biblical principals! (quoted fondly)But the way those men of God designed this country was to keep church and state seperate. To give people the freedom to think and feel as the want about religion. I truly struggle to understand how a rational person, no matter what their religious and personal beliefes, could justifying allowing the goverment to dictate what qualifies as love, marriage, family.

I know that same gender marriage in California has a shakey past, I know that there is a lot more going on here. But what it boils down to is 18,000 couples and their family, friends and children will have their lives turned up side down because of this. It just doesn't seem right. With everything else going on in this country right now, can't we just let this be and focus our efforts elsewhere?

If the video touches you too you can click here to sign the letter and find out other ways to help.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

See Rock City - we did

Chris and I had to drive my green car up to Cinicnnati and decided to make the best of it. We timed it so we stopped for the night in Chattanooga, TN. We enjoyed a great dinner at Rain Thai and then the next day went to Rock City.

You've likely heard of Rocky City but just don't realize it. They advertise on birdhouses and barns. I've been working again so I asked Chris to find something for us to do on our drive, a distraction, and he found Rock City. The history behind it is actually kind of neat.

You know I want to visit all 50 states, but not just pass through or even stay the night. I want to experience them. I'm convinced that every state has something interesting or memorable worth seeing - shoot there's whole websites dedicated to it. Rock City is a perfect example.

The gardens were pretty. The rock formations crazy. I'm pretty sure we didn't actually see all 7 states, but it's a nice idea. The fairytale land was just down right eerie.

Pictures are here.

Monday, February 9, 2009


On the WhiteCastle sign:
"make your valentines day reservation now-call 859-433-3564"

We saw it in Florence, KY but someone else reported one in greater

Has anyone really called? Are any locations already booked full?

Nevermind, scratch that. I'm scared of the answer.

Ps I tried to get a picture, I'm sorry to say that I failed.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rock City Gardens

As in the see rock city bird houses? It's really pretty so far!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

And Again

It's official, we're moving again. We're leaving our apartment in East Orlando and moving to a large house on the edge of Maitland, almost in Winter Park.

Our lease at the apartment is up March 31st, we're moving into the new place on March 15th so we'll have a couple weeks of over lap.

I'm excited but not at all thrilled about all of the work that is ahead of me. The good part is that we really plan to stay put for awhile this time.

We'll see.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Craziness in Thorton Park

While driving around Chris randomly spotted peacocks wandering around.
They were on top of a car at first! Random huh?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blender Blunder

We still have a gift card to William & Sonoma from the wedding two years ago. We stopped on today to look at a blender. There were only four options ranging $130-$400. The sales woman informed us that the two cheapest wouldn't be able to handle ice. WHAT?!? I asked what they
can handle... Tomatoes she says. In the end she told us we needed the $400 one to make daquiris and smoothies. Crazy!