Friday, August 31, 2007

The Boys!

We've got these friends, Doug & James (affectionately referred to as The Boys). Doug was Chris's student back at DCA in 2004. We've been friends with them every since. They moved to Phoenix, we moved to Cincinnati, they moved to Chicago and then back to Phoenix so we're all over the place. The funny part about it is that we don't keep in touch very well, but every 6 months or so we'll get together and it's like no time has passed. It's fabulous!

We've gone to visit them three times, twice in Phoenix and once in Chicago (pictures here) but they've never come to visit us – who can blame them? Cincinnati isn't exactly a hot spot of fun! Well Doug recently decided that he wanted to apply for a job with Comair and asked Chris to help as a reference. They did all the BS paper work and within a couple of days Doug had an interview! He's scheduled for Sept. 4 th in Cincinnati and we started planning a night out with him. Then it occurred to me – buddy passes! Why couldn't Doug come up early and use one of our Buddy Passes for James? They did.

They arrive Saturday afternoon and are staying through Tues night. So Doug and Chris can go over boring pilot info while James and I shop. Yay!

Sorry Mom, looks like we won't be coming down. But I'll come see you soon! J

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