Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New House Facts

Fun facts about our new house:

- the trains blow their horn a lot, it's comforting
- our bathroom has no door seperating it from the bedroom, curtain hung
- there is a lot of pedestrian and lake traffic out front, more to watch
- wood floors hurt my feets, slipper shopping
- we are under the hospital helicopter traffic path
- our attic space is huge and yucky and dark
- roger can get to the attic from the laundry room
- roger likes to play peekaboo from the attic with people who are below
- if left alone in the attic roger will nap, with all the insulation, bugs and dust
- roger does not like post-attic bathes
- roger has a short memory and will forever try to sneak back to the attic
- we have a lot of windows, that's a lot of window treatments needed
- merging traditional and modern is tougher than I thought


- the sprinklers go right over our bedroom windows - must close windows on Wednesdays...

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