Friday, July 2, 2010

Yay for Cake!

I work in an office that is located in a strip mall. A couple of months a go a cake shop opened up right next door. Not just any cake shop, but this one was featured on a couple of TLC's specials, they do the crazy CakeBoss style cakes.

So we now have the smell of sugar, cream, marshmallows and fondant floating through the office, teasing our senses. The problem is they have yet to give us any samples so we don't even know what it tastes like! Customers come into the office, smell the sweet smell and ask - is that cake as good as it smells? We have no answer.

Well, today that finally changed. :)

One of the agents happened to go out back to get the mail right when one of the cake employees was loading up his car with all of the cake slivers that are left over after they make their shapes. "Is that cake you have there?" she asked loudly so we could all listen in. As the conversation progressed she let him know that we'd never had any and he gave her the whole load!

There's 3 lbs of cakes of all variety in our little break room now. And man, it tastes even better than it smells. My favorite is a marble cake with a sort of heath and chocolate flavored cream between the layers. Yum!

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