Saturday, September 8, 2012

Drunken Balcony Conversation

I'm getting over a cold and took a DayQuil too late in the day and as a result had trouble falling asleep. So I took my book out to my hammock to read in the cool night air around 1:30am. Holy Shnickadoos! I didn't need the book, I had all the entertainment I needed in the available people watching. It was perfect timing to watch all of the young professionals that live in the apartments around me have taxi's drop them off at home and then observe as the stumble to their doors and create a raucous in the street. I even got to meet a couple of my across the street neighbors by having a conversation with them from my balcony. I think I shall have to spend more wee morning hours on my hammock... :)

I love where I live.


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