Saturday, March 8, 2008

Blizzard in Cinci

I finally made it home for the first time in three weeks of traveling for work. The plan was for me to arrive Friday evening and get settled and then Chris would arrive home from a trip Saturday afternoon.

Well, on Thursday the weather guy in Ann Arbor warned that a big snow storm was heading their way and would hit Friday afternoon, coming up from the south. So I changed my plans and left Ann Arbor Friday morning hoping to miss it. Nope - stupid storm changed direction and concentrated on KY, OH, TN etc so I drove right into it.

It took me about 4 hours to get to the outskirts of Cincinnati and another hour and half to go the remaining 12 miles to our house. GRR stupid snow and dumb drivers. By the time I got home there was 4-5" on the ground. It took me three tries to get my poor little car up the hill of our driveway - I finally had to back across the street and get a running start.

I shoveled myself a walk way and unpacked my car. Once done I tried to move my car into the garage - no such luck. I gave up after the 6th attempt and just rolled it back again. It seemed like such a lost cause to try and shovel so I just left it alone.

Last night Chris's flight was cancelled and he told me that it was supposed to keep snowing through Saturday evening. I woke up this morning and sure enough... more snow. I ventured out around noon and shot the video below. Notice the steps I shoveled yesterday around 3pm are gone...

If the video doesn't work you can view it by clicking here.

Hopefully Chris will find a way to make it home soon. There has been talk of renting a car and just taking the typically 1.5 hour drive slowly. I checked the road cameras and it does appear that people are driving... We'll see.

I think I'll bundle up and walk to the grocery store for provisions now.

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