Sunday, March 9, 2008

Post-Blizzard Update

Chris made it home on the one flight that left Columbus on Saturday. He arrived at our house around 8pm. He couldn't find our driveway through the snow so he parked across the street in a plowed lot and hiked through knee-high snow up our driveway carrying his flight bag and suitcase.

Being the first time we've both been home in nearly a month we enjoyed a quiet dinner and then slept until noon on Sunday. We finally got around to shoveling the snow around 3pm and found that it was sunny and nearly 50 degrees out - practically spring! Crazy! Thanks to the warm weather the snow was starting to melt making for heavy, slushy muck. We made quick work of it and got it done in less than two hours.

Pictures of our snowy weekend can be found here.

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