Friday, April 18, 2008

Cancun - Finally

So we leave for Greece in just over a week so I figured I'd better get caught up and post my pictures from our last trip.

Here is my summary of our trip to Mexico. I can give you all sorts of details if you want them, or you can read more on Chris's site. All of the pictures are up here as well and they are definitely more interesting.

To get a visual of our trip check out the map.

3/25: Fabio land at Blue Ash. Dinner at Teak. Watch "Catch me if you Can" together.
3/26: Shop for a Mac. Pick up Chris from work. Dinner at BoneFish. Load up Mac. Develop Flight Plan.
3/27: Leave Blue Ash. 3.5 hr flight. Lunch in Rutherford, NC. 4 hr flight. Dinner w/ parents. Night in Orlando. Brownie pudding.
3/28: 3hr flight to Key West. Lunch in Key West. 3 hr flight to Cancun. Dinner at El Parillo Mexican Restaurant.
3/29: Italian for lunch. Mexican Mall. Max cook tomato pasta for dinner. Metro club.
3/30: Beach day. Dinner at Adriana's crazy, beautiful, eco-friendly home.
3/31: Fly to Cozumel. Snorkeling with friends from Seattle. See amazing things under water. Lunch at the Money Bar. Dinner at El Minsion.
4/1: Fly to Chichen Itza Mayan ruins. Lunch at buffet near chinote. See ruins. Max teach how to make Carbonara.
4/2: Really early delta flight through Atlanta. Barely make flight in Atlanta to Cincinnati. Chris's tire blow.

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