Thursday, November 13, 2008


When did America turn into a bunch of shirkers? It seems like everyone wants to shirk responsibility whenever possible. On top of all of the companies right now that are shirking, I hear of another example today on the news.

You can view the video here. A three year old fell through a fence and barely escaped plumitting 300 feet to her death. The parents had a three year old leaning against this drift wood fence with a huge gap in it. One news story I saw said that the parents agreed not to sue if the park repaired the fence. I'm sorry, sue? As a parent you're responsible for your child's safety. You're responsible for having the common sense to say, hmm, that fence offers no protection for my tiny daughter, maybe I shouldn't allow her to stand there and pose for a picture. How is this lack of common sense the park's fault?


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Anonymous said...

With a weak economy, you can only expect this litigious lawsuit country to get even more desperate with suing for profit, despite legitimate cases.