Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Where's the Line?

So most people know that I intentionally don't watch the news. The stupidity in the world just gets me angry with no real way to turn that anger into action which is a situation I don't do well with. However, with what's going on in the country right now you can't realy avoid the stupidity.

First it was a mere $700 Billion for some financial based companies, because if we didn't willingly donate our tax dollars to help them the economy would crash. Thank God we did that! Oh wait, we didn't willingly donate - it was taken from us. Oh yeah and the economy still sucks.

Now we have the auto industry asking for something like $150 Billion.

Seriously, where do I get in line? I want some tax dollars!

Before long there's gonna be a line around the block in front of the White House of companies asking the government to fork over our tax dollars to save them from their own stupid decisions.

I'm not saying that I know the solution. I'm not saying that I want to see America suffer. I am saying that there is a natural cycle, if the government keeps interfering it can't lead anywhere good.

If anyone knows where the line is, let me know. I'd like to get some of our tax dollars too.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, any "tax" dollars you'd get right away will be newly printed money or borrowed money from foreign countries. I don't suspect you want that kind of tax money.

We need to be patient and wait til the budget is reworked. I had an infographic that shows 50% (if not more) is spent on defense/military. With the reworked & redistribution of funds, you'll eventually get money (tax breaks, refunds, etc...) that is truly from what you gave.

In the meantime, I like what Obama proposed. We should take some of that 700 billion and put a "down payment" toward helping out the auto industry, that way we don't dig a deeper debt in saving these companies.

ButterflySunshine said...

I don't literally want the money. I want the government to quit giving hand outs.

I don't know the details of what Obama proposed but any ideas of giving large corporations government bailouts angers me. There is a natural cycle to things, including the economy. Businesses made bad decisions, if they fail it's their own doing and as a country we just have to live with and cope with that fall out.

I have no problem with re-working the budget, but I think it's the companies and industries that need to be patient. Right now I think the government is making the same mistakes the companies did. Their giving away money they don't have - who's going to bail the US government out?