Thursday, August 20, 2009

DMB at the Gorge

For Chris's birthday I scored two tickets to the Dave Matthew's Band concert at The Gorge which is a few hours drive East from Seattle. This venue is absolutely amazing and legendary.

The band has four concerts scheduled here over Labor Day weekend and we have tickets to the second night.

When I bought the tickets I purchased an insurance policy on them because I knew that there was a good chance we wouldn't be able to actually make it to the concert. But we just found out we've overcome the first hurtle - Chris actually got the time off to go. Well, actually, scheduling screwed him over yet again, but he went in to the Chief Pilot who was in a good mood and shifted things around for him. So he now has eight days off in row, right over the holiday weekend.

Now we just have to actually get on a flight out there. We haven't decided yet if we'll be finding a hotel or camping out. Either way I think it will be an amazing evening if we can make it out. Since he scored so much time off we might even be able to spend some time catching up with his family.

UPDATE - turns out that our trip to Seattle will coordinate perfectly with my good friend Eddie's wedding reception party in LA. I'll be flying out there next weekend to hang out with him and participate in the festivities. It's especially special since I had to skip the actual wedding in Maine when Chris couldn't get the time off. So yay for visiting Eddie AND DMB concerts!

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