Friday, September 11, 2009

Anti-American Fair

I'm not super political. By that I mean that while I do have an opinion I find politics overwhelming and the task of finding the truth daunting. So while there are a few issues I'm passionate enough to invest time in, for the most part I just sort of check out untile election time.

That said, my political stance aside...there are some things that are bugging me.

I realize that there are many americans who didn't vote for our President. That's a challenge with democracy, there will be a minority that will have to accept the majority's decision. Basically part of being an American is accepting the majority voted President and then respecting that person as our leader. Naturally you're entitled to disagree with that person's decisions or positions, but they still deserve repsect.

It hasn't even been a year and there seems to be an awful lot of stuff going around about Obama being anti-american but not a lot of facts, researched facts to back this up. For example, yesterday I saw the SUV below driving around town, the back window says Obama is a Liar! Also there is a YouTube video circulating where John Stossel calls Obama's health care plan anti-american.

Don't get me wrong, we have the amazing right to freedom of speech and opinion in this country. But anti-american? Driving around with accusations against our new president? Isn't all of that anti-american? I know I'm alone on this. I wasn't a George W. Bush fan, but I was one of the few who insisted that as president and leader of our country he deserved respect and I guess I'm just surprised that people are already Obama hating, especially this early on.

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DarkTrader said...

The ability to express oneself, no matter how controversial, is the heart of being an American.

Objectively, many new government policies are unconstitutional (see Maiden Lane LLC and other Federal Reserve actions) and this is the time when our freedom of speech will be tested.

If you are simply asking someone to show some class and respect, that is a different issue but the core is that political speech is protected.