Friday, September 11, 2009

Extreme Politics

I'm sick and tired of this bi-partisian crap. Our country has divided so ridiculously into these two extreme versions of itself. And the system is now set up to support this.

I'm not comfortable being a Republican or a Democrat but if I register as anything else it affects my involvement in certain elections. Alson, there were 2008 candidates from other parties but they weren't included in the debate process.

Everyone has such extreme ideas and wants to do extreme things. Where is the leader who can use common sense to find something closer to the middle that can work for our country? Where is the administration that can clearly explain policy to the public and include the good and bad?

If there is any sort of movement toward this effort? I'm not political enough to start one, but I am passionate enough to jump in. If you know of anything let me know!

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