Monday, January 9, 2012

My life on a tree

For a long time I've joked about opening or joining a commune. For the past year or so I've talked more seriously about it and those around me have begun joking about joining me.
Since birth my mother has bought all her children an ornament each year. Typically something with a link to their life theme for the past year. The original idea being that when each child reached adulthood they could take their ornament collection with them so their own tree wouldn't be barren. Now that I have my own collection on my own tree she still gives me, and now my husband, an ornament each year to adorn our own tree. I have ballet slippers, a piano, a teddy bear life guard and snorkeler, a secretary, flip flops, a suitcase and more. If you line them up by year you can see my life's story on my Christmas tree.
This year, of course, she managed to find me a commune themed s'more ornament!

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