Sunday, March 11, 2012

Great Food and Some Elton

I volunteered at Cook Orlando this weekend, which is a fund raising event to benefit The Human Rights Campaign (HRC). They are primarily a lobbying organization that pushes the Federal Government to enforce equal rights, specifically for the LGBT community, I don't agree with everything they push for, in many cases I think they go too extreme when a more moderate take could get more progress faster, but at least they're doing something. So I decided to get involved, I'd rather be doing something than nothing as well.

Cook Orlando is a food festival, local restaurants set up tents and offer mini versions of their best dishes, there are drinks and music. Guests pay $45 for entry and unlimited food and then the culmination is an iron chef like cook off between the two most popular restaurants.

I worked the registration table and was given a 30 min break to eat and enjoy the festivities. I had so much fun. I met some great people, the food was amazing and it felt good to get out and help the community.

To make a good weekend great I also had tickets to go see Elton John play Saturday night. Now I'm not a huge fan of his but he's such an iconic figure I figured it was a no brainer. He was so adorable. After practically every song he would jump up and thank the crowd, pointing at us saying 'no you're wonderful'. During one song he and his band just jammed for nearly 30 minutes and he played the piano for every single number. The crowd was kind of lame so his encore was short, but he came back out and shook hands and signed autographs for a ton of fans along the stage. Overall it was a very worthwhile experience!

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