Monday, April 2, 2012

Fun Fotos

Just some fun times from the past couple weeks.
Roger in his typical morning position watching me put on my makeup :)

My silly homeschoolin' family pretending to hold court at the Orange County History Museum.

Daily dose of cute. The duck family that lives in the lake behind my building. There were 8, now they're down to 1 :( the turtles stalk the babies but it's so cool to watch the mama birds rally to keep the baby safe.

Me and a new buddy, Jody, out for drinks at Luma. Another buddy, Crystal was there as well but she got all shy in front of the camera. Oh, and Jeff was there too but he's too cool for photos.

An old friend, Sarah, looking beautiful at Chase's at New Smyrna with me.

An absolutely perfect beach day, the water was eerily clear, no clouds, just enough people and a sweet mai tai - life was good.

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