Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ant Time

So almost 10 years ago my dear mother finally joined the modern world and pierced her ears for the first time on her 50th birthday. Afterward she said that when she turned 60 she wanted to get her first tattoo. Boy was that a big mistake, I haven't let her live that one down.

So, in a couple of weeks she will be 60. And my brother, mom and I are all going to get tattoos together. It will be my third and mom and John's first.

I know that I want a short line of ants. I was planning to get them down the outside of my left wrist, however now that I'm officially Cast and have to keep up the Disney Look I think I've been convinced that I either need to keep it smaller or put them somewhere a little less visible. SO, now I'm thinking I want them crawling up the outside of my right ankle.

The biggest decision left is which ants to is what I'm looking at. I think I like the first, less organized one better...

1 comment:

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