Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Moving On

I moved this weekend. I downsized so now I'm in a one bedroom condo off of Lake Ivanhoe, it's still a big place at 1000 sq ft but it feels much more appropriate and cozy than the 3/2 I was in before. And now I'm close to all sorts of fun stuff like Imperial, White Wolf Cafe, Ethos, Taco China and more!

It was a crazy move too! I had mostly new furniture delivered Saturday from IKEA and somehow managed to get it all put together, all my boxes moved and mostly unpacked by 5pm on Sunday. My family is so awesome like that.

Now I'm on my first official Disney related trip. I'm in Raleigh learning how to use a new software application. As usual life is going a million miles a minute and I'm just holding on for dear life. But right now it's all so positive. I wish I could bottle this feeling so I could reflect back on it later when things are tough to remember to be grateful....

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