Friday, August 31, 2007

Viva Roma

Chris and I are finally planning to take our honeymoon – 13 months late! J We leave on Thursday (9/6) for Italy. We plan to spend two weeks there, most of which will be spent in Rome though we are planning to spend a night in Florence and at least one day trip to Naples in search of the best pizza in the world.

We booked a B&B near the Trevvi Fountain within blocks of a Metro stop. We obviously plan to see the Pantheon, Vatican, etc but our main goal is to wander and enjoy the culture, food and wine. Other than details about getting to and from our hotels we really haven't researched anything – which is highly unlike me. But I'm excited.

Work has been crazy and very unrewarding. The PCoach is doing excellent but still being a young business it's stressful. Chris hasn't had a real vacation since he started Comair in May of 2005 so we really need this.

The B&B has a PC with internet access and we'll have Chris's iPhone for emergencies, but we plan to stay as disconnected as possible. I'll try to update this blog occasionally with pictures to make you jealous though ^_- Make your souvenir requests soon!


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Mini Mama said...

Talked to Sara today from Roma! Turns out the hotel does not have internet access as promised so they have not been able to post. Sara mentioned finding an internet cafe, so we might still hear from them before the 19th! Sounded like they were having a grand time, despite a little run in with the policia. Details to follow I'm sure.

ButterflySunshine said...

Thanks for updating for us mom!

ButterflySunshine said...

Thanks for updating for us mom!