Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Roma - Part Un

We just now found an internet cafe to update from. The internet at our B&B is down.

So far we have seen most of the major sites in Roma.

Friday - we slept a lot :)

Saturday - we explored. We walked in a big circle and hit the Pantheon (my favorite so far), Piazza Nirvona (a big square with great architecture and artists all over), the Spanish steps, the Colleseum and more. We went to ZioCiro for lunch. AMAZING! (thanks Dallas!) Saturday night was Notte Bianca (White Night) which is Roma's yearly celebration of the arts. Hundreds of thousands of people were out. The stores and historic sites were all open all night and the transportation was all free. Wild time. More details to come when we return. We ate dinner at DaDiego (it was alright - sorry Meg - no Carlo but Kimo missed you a lot :)

Sunday - Villa Borhese - Rome s equivelant to Central Park only way better. We laid in the grass, people watched and ate good food. (back to ZioCiro) We found ourselves at Trevvi Fountain people watching some more. We split a small pizza and a bottle of wine for dinner while sitting on the steps to the fountain and people gazing. Apparently a picnic in this location isn't allowed though because after we were done the polizia scolded us. Oh well.

Monday - the historical stuff. We toured the Colloseo, the guide, Pauolo was so so - he mainly told us about things that we had read the night before in our guides. The sites though were spectacular, the workmanship and the thought that it has been there for 2500 years was amazing. Afterwards we joined up with another guide for a tour of Palatino Hill which is currently thought to be the site of the original city of Rome. This tour guide was fabuloso! His name was Eugene, he is a student who is passionate about history and gives the tour for tips only. The tour of the Colleseo lasted about 25 minutes and we paid 11 Euros each. The tour with Eugene was 2 plus hours and we tipped 5 Euro. Very much worth it. He gave a 6 hour tour of the Vatican today that we wanted to join but I have hurt my ankle and we wanted to let it rest for a day. Dinner was Leonardo near the Spanish Steps (thanks Meg, an excellent recommendation).

Tuesday - today we relaxed. We ate a legal picnic in Villa Borghese. It's so great up there, around every corner is something else amazing. We have a running Peanut game that is up to 1900 points (Chris wants to play until he wins :)

Tomorrow we head off to Florence for a night.

Basically, people watching is our activity of choice. Throw in good food, good wine, fun with communication and a few 2500+ year old buildings and that's our trip so far.

Pictures will follow when we return. Talk to everyone soon!


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Anonymous said...

Hey Guys! Glad to hear you're having a great time! Just curious... The number was left at 34 I believe... Have you been counting still (or is it too hard to tell)? LOL... Enjoy the rest of your trip! Doug and James