Thursday, July 31, 2008

Birthday Thanks

Thanks to everyone who took the time to call, email or text me to wish me a Happy Birthday.

I wound up needed to spend my birthday in St. Louis for work, I could have gotten out of it, but it wasn't that big of a deal - I'm sure I'll celebrate another day. But it was nice to hear from everyone. :)

When I got done at the office I treated myself to a nice meal at Red Lobster (one of three options nearby) and a glass of wine. I was suprised, there must have been three or four other birthdays last night. Then I went to the sad little mall and bought a new book and spontaneously decided to get another peircing. I peirced the cartilidge of my right ear about half way up. I realized as she was doing it that it was 15 years ago at the Claire's in the old Winter Park mall that I first got my ears peirced.... then I stopped for a 6 pack and some chocolate and spent the rest of the evening in my hotel room watching TV and working.

Chris and I move in a week, our move in date is actually our two year wedding anniversary. I'm sure that once we settle in a bit Chris and I will find some time to celebrate both occasions :)

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