Thursday, July 3, 2008

Oprah - pros and cons

I've said more than once that I really don't like Oprah. I've finally sorted through my thoughs on this and decided that it's not Oprah that I dislike - it's America's reaction to her that disgusts me.

Oprah as a person deserves a lot of respect, she's come a long way in a country that traditionally disapproves of both women and races other than pure white. I know she does a lot of good for humanity and I don't mean to discount that.

However, it makes me sad and embarassed is how the majority of the women in our country watch her show religiously, subscribe to her magazine and will basically to just about anything and everything she suggests. Fortunately for us she is a good woman and usually recommends positive things.

It concerns me that she has near as much social power as the president. It goes back to the Ant Like philosophy of American Society - it seems that we have collectively lost the ability to think and act for ourselves. We now need Oprah to tell us what to eat, read, wear, drive and often times, think.

Now, Dr. Phil - I still think he is the devil - but that's a whole 'nother post.... :0)

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