Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I just got back from the annual family vacation. I had a distant cousing get married in Charleston and we used seeing him again as an excuse for a get-a-way. We stayed in a Wyndham resort on Edisto Island. It was amazing, we didn't do much of anything other than play cards and chill by the pool. Chris did beat Mom at ping-pong and Mom smothered all of us at putt-putt. Other than that, just relaxation. Pictures are up here.

Other than our mini-vacation our efforts have been focused on moving down to FL. Everything has panned out and the apartment in East Orlando has wound up our best option. It's about 1150 sq. ft. well within our price range and we can take Roger D. back from my parents, so we're happy. Another perk is that is is right off of the 408 so Chris can get to work easily. Our official move-in date is August 11th, we plan to arrive with the truck on August 12th.

In addition to the move, I have picked up another short-term corporate contract gig, so I'll be hopping over to St. Louis every week or so. That will add an interesting twist to moving huh? The boss knows about the move though, so hopefully all will go smoothly.

Now we just need to get the movers booked, a truck reserved and all of those dumb boxes packed, yet again. :) Wish us luck.

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