Saturday, August 23, 2008

Constant Motion

We're moved in for the most part. We still have art and shelves to hang and a few odds and ends, but for all intensive purposes, we're done.

Man, we are not looking forward to doing that again anytime soon! First we had major issues with Budget and our rental truck. Then our friend Rick was supposed to come into town to help us drive down and thanks to weather and flight issues, he never could make it in. So here we have Chris driving a big rig that pulls insesently to the right and me driving Chris's M3 with minimal experience driving a stick. Yuck!

We made it though and Chris's cousins did a great job helping us unload. Mom and John helped us shop for some new furniture and they even stuck around to help us assemble it.

I posted pictures of the move and the new place on Flickr here if you're interested.

Last Friday Chris managed to organize a surprise party for me. I had NO CLUE! We even passed the Pratts on the highway and like a ditz I still didn't figure it out. Chris gathered most of my family and some of his at a swanky joint called Seasons 52 which I love. The hostess, I thought, was going to take us to an empty two-top, but instead she turned the corner and there everyone was waiting for us. It was great! Definitely a nice finish to a stressful week.

Then last week, just days after we got into town, we both had to up and leave. Chris had to fly out for work and I had to visit a customer lcoation. Thankfully it was good timing, we left just in time for the flooding and my parents had Roger so all was taken care of. The customer site in in St. Louis and I actually had time to scope out the city this time around - for the most part I got cheesy or artsy shots, but you can check those out here.

Oh, I almost forgot - the big news. Chris finally made the Utley family a true iPhone family - he got me one for my birthday. I'm testing it out for now, if I dont' like it I can always go back and he can take my new one. But so far I think I like it. It's nice to have access to so much information, some of the little widgets are really helpful, like UrbanSpoon - right up my ally.

Anyhow-I'm procasitnating, I should be working right now....

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