Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shared Art Day

Four years ago, just before moving North, I got together with three of my closest friends for a day of art in the park. We each had a canvas and we each painted about one quarter of our canvas before passing it to another who then painted one quarter and so on, until we each wound up with a canvas that was touched by all.

Last weekend, almost exactly four weeks after the first art day, we had another. One participant changed and the overall skill set of the group increased greatly but the agenda remained the same, and yet again the result was amazing. See?
This is mine from last year. I did the bit with the sun, Hannah did the glitter, Amy the street and Megan the stars.

And this is the new addition from this year. I'm the bottom right, Hannah is the flowers, Megan did the plane scene and the vine is from Laura.

It was a fun day.

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The Non-Ant said...

It's funny to see your new one next to the old one. It's a lot more advanced, and coordinated! Mine are next to each other in the kitchen. They're oddly similar.