Thursday, September 3, 2009

Berries & Sailing

Been having fun on Bainbridge. We made fresh berry cobler one night, so fresh in fact that we used local blueberries, raspberris that Mary picked last week and then for blackberries we actually went down the street and picked them ourselves. Yummy!
Then yesterday we went for a drive in my father-in-law's Porche (it's a black, 930 turbo, 1979 for those of you who care) and then met up with Chris's highschool buddy, Nolan, and went for a sail on Evening Star (a C&C 43 foot sail boat). It looked like it might be futile with so little wind, but as soon as we got out of Port Madison Harbor the wind picked up and they were able to get wind in both sails and we went almost to the shores of Seattle and then back again. During our trip we saw harbor seals and porpoises which is awesome since I ALWAYS miss the wildlife, I'm always down below. But this time I actually saw them!

It was a fantastic afternoon sail, I spent a lot of the time laying on the bow with my feet up and my book in hand. Very relaxing.
Then last night all sorts of people came over for a glass a wine including one of Chris's highschool friends that he hadn't seen in years and years. So that was nice too. We finished it off with some really really good thai food from Sawadty's. Today we bum and tomorrow we see DAVE MATTHEWS!!! :)


Allkindsofsunglasses said...

looks really relaxing from the photos you provided, how were those blueberries?

Facebook Tab Design said...

sounds like a relaxing fun time, I used to pick strawberries and other things with the family when younger, it was quite fun.