Tuesday, September 1, 2009

West Coast Beaches

Made it to Seattle, not like it was hard since I'd bought a real ticket. It was so nice to not worry about getting on for a change.

Chris was already in town so he and his sister, Jen, picked me up and we spent the day hanging out before heading to Bainbridge Island to stay with my in-laws.

We even made it to the beach, which was weird for me to be at a sandy beach since we were surrounded by mountains.

We have a few days to relax in the island and catch up with Chris's highschool buddies before heading east to the Gorge for the DMB concert on Friday.

It's the prettiest time of year here. It's sunny, in the 70s and of course everything is super green. So I'm hoping so get into town and maybe back into Seattle to take some pictures.

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The Non-Ant said...

Jealous! It sounds quite lovely. Enjoy a little extra for me! =D