Sunday, August 1, 2010

Birthweek 2010 Wrap Up

My birthweek is over but it was a good one. I wrapped it up yesterday with some pool time with some friends and got to witness this little guys first pool dunk - he did awesome!
Then it was off to see Thomas at Bad Dog Production for the newest addition to my body:
I've been planning this for several years so I was stoked to finally make it a reality. Mom went with me for moral support and to do research for herself. As always Thomas did an excellent job. That's the top of my left foot, in case you can't tell. The heart shaped drum is to remind me to always walk to the beat of my own drum :) Perhaps that phrase or even image is a familiar one if you frequent my blog.

Finally then night ended with a massive girl's night out and my favorite sushi place - Wazzabi in Winter Park. It started off rough with a miscommunication about their ability to take reservations (they don't FYI) but eventually the manager did make it right by not only getting us a private room but also hooking us up with free Edamame and appetizers once seated.
After a delicious dinner we all went back to my place for wine and some Butterfly cake lovingly made for me by Daisy and her BFF Betty - it was just as yummy as it was cute.
After some swordfighting on my new Wii (thanks Mom and Dad) the night wrapped up and I slipped off to dreams about me new job.

Movies, game systems, DMB, friends from abroad, SeaWorld passes, Butterfly cakes, tattoos and sushi - what a packed and amazing birthday/week. Thanks everyone!

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