Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Self Exploration

This has been a good few weeks. My Italian boys are in town which always puts me in a good mood, we have such a great time together. But aside from that, I've been insanely busy. Well, not even that busy but compared to my life a few months ago, or even one month ago, my social calendar has been pleasingly full.

The funny thing is that I'm realizing that I'm more of a loaner than I ever would have guessed.

I have absolutely enjoyed spending time with the good people in my life. Without a doubt. I look forward to further those friendships and relationships. However. I find myself seriously craving some alone time, in my house. An evening to wear crummy clothes, eat cereal for dinner and just generally do whatever I like.

I have no doubt that this alone time will find me soon enough and I have no desire to skip out on social activities to obtain it. I'm just surprised by my desire for it...

It's been a good couple of weeks :)

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