Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Career Changes

I realized that I never really posted here about the big changes coming up in my life. Chris and I did an analysis of our financial situation and decided that we could make it on one income. Knowing this we agreed that it wouldn't be irresponsible for me to quit the corporate world and give my business a shot full time.

I've become increasingly frustrated with corporate jobs and I've always felt I had it in me to be my own boss. In addition to getting the opportunity to test out my theory, working from home will give me more flexibility to travel and enjoy life with Chris now while we're munchkin free. If things go really well (fingers crossed, breath held) I can turn my little side business into something that can serve as our backup plan and allow me to work from home on my own terms indefinitely.

So, I did it.

Only two and a half more days and I will officially be free of my repressing, boring corporate job. Yay! I received calls/e-mail from 6 new potential clients for The PCoach in the past week alone so I am very encouraged.

We already have all sorts of plans to take advantage of my new-found freedom. The WAABI Bourbon Tasting is this Friday so I'll get to see all my old Jim Beam homies. Then Tuesday I'm finally going to ride on a flight where Chris is flying (which I've never yet been able to do because of work), we're going to St. Louis and back. Then we get to run across the airport to catch the last flight out to Seattle. We'll spend Halloween with Chris's cousin and her kids then the rest of the week and weekend with his parents, friends etc. We'll get to have (early) Thanksgiving with his parents. Once we get back I will be hitting The PCoach advertising hard and hopefully working 20-30 hours a week for a client that I'm still working the details out with.

The weekend of 11/10 is my family's traditional Pre-Thanksgiving celebration so I'll be down in FL for a long weekend. Then our whole family, both sides (!), will converge in Orlando for Christmas so I'll be spending almost two weeks down there for that.

Lots of fun and exciting changes for me. Now you know!

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