Monday, October 22, 2007

Movie Review - Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her

Watched Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her with Roger tonight and we give it four thumbs up. I don't even know how it wound up on my Flix List but I'm glad it did. It was a pleasant little surprise.

It reminds me mildly of Magnolia meets Playing by Heart only more real. It's one of those plots where everything intertwinces, only in this one they're clear about it. It's broken into several stories that are clearly defined. When I reached the end I found myself caring about the characters, feeling like I knew them and wanting to know more about their stories - a fairly amazing feat considering the short time in which each story and character is preseented. The shots are smooth throughout the film and some creative angles used. None of those cheesey scene transitions I always hate.

The casting is superb. I don't necessarily like Calista Flockhart but she was perfect for the role of Christine. Her monologues were well done. Glen Close is normally too stern for me but she was a perfect fit for Dr. Keener and her facial reactions during her scenes are so subtle and suitable.

Overall I was very impressed. I'm adding it to my wishlist, it's one I think I'll re-watch.

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