Saturday, October 20, 2007

Road Trip!

Chris and I have the whole weekend off together (yay!) and fall suddenly hit our area. The leaves are rich tones of gold, auburn, red and orange. There is a nip in the area and today the sky was clear blue.

We went for a two hour drive through the windy backroads of the "tri-state" area. We wandered over to Madison, Indiana - a quaint little town that Chris discovered via the internet. The drive was amazing, Chris's M3 hugged the roads perfectly and the farms and forests were great scenery. About half way there we started seeing barns full of drying tabacco and signs to "watch horse drawn carriages, next 4 miles" etc.

We started off at the park along the river where I accidentally got some of the river water on my shoes. Chris is now monitoring my feet for contagious infection ^_-. With the changing leaves and the cloudless sky it was actually a pretty sight.
We then secured a parking spot on Main Street and hit the antique shops and at the first one we found a spice rack for $12. The owner was a sweetheart who interupted her lunch to ring us up (all the while trying not to stare at my nose ring - it was cute). I know it seems backwards but I am going to paint it fun colors and then paint the names of the spices on the jars. We went to the Madison Mercantile and bought a Veggi Soup mix and two Veggie Dip mixes. The owner recommended stufing peppers with the dips which we plan to try next time we entertain.

After we had made our way up one side of the street we had worked up a hunger so we stopped at the Downtowner Cafe for some fuel. We hit it right after the lunch rush so the service was great. Chris enjoyed a Frisco Melt and I had a "Duo Combo" with a BLT and a garden salad. We people watched as we ate and marveled at the Biker Dudes sitting outside, with perfect posture both devouring supper healthy salads - it was a slight contradiction :)

After lunch we bought some Fudge at the Toy Shop and then finished making our way back down the other side of Main Street. The drive home was just as enjoyable and we saw proof behind the "horse drawn carriage" warnings when an Amish family pulled out in front of us.
Over all it was a very pleasant day. The rest of the pictures are here.

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