Sunday, October 28, 2007

Costumed Weekend

My last day at work was Friday (yay!). We celebrated by going to a couple of parties over the weekend.
Friday night we went to the 5th annual WAABI Bourbon Tasting. It was an enjoyable night and it was really great to see all of the folks I used to work with at Beam. They were are very nice and seemed genuinely glad to re-unite. They had a great turn out at the event and based on the prices of the bids on the silent auction I think they did very well for the two charities they support. Last year Chris and I came home with two baskets of goodies from the auction, this year everything was out of our price range which means great news for them.

Then Saturday night we decided to take a chance and go to a stranger's costume party. I ate lunch with a group of programmers at my now old job. A friend of theirs and a previous co-worker had a costume party and invited the whole crew. They said that I should come and bring Chris and we decided to go for it. We shopped for costumes that afternoon and were able to throw some pretty great ones together for a very affordable price.

The couple (Brandon and Carrie) hosting the party were awesome and made us feel right at home. When Carrie realized that neither of us had ever met her or her husband she was thrilled and excited to meet new people. The party doubled as a house warming party for them so we got the grand tour. Their home was gorgeous. As the night wore on Brandon (who is in a band) provided us with an impromptu guitar sing-a-long. Over-all the company was great and the costumes creative. The guy in the plaid is the BudLight hitch-hiker - his axe isn't a weapon, it's a bottle opener - he actually afixxed an opener to it. We're glad we crashed. More pictures here.

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