Monday, February 11, 2008

Movie Review - The Ultimate Gift

Chris and I occasionally go to Blockbuster just to see what movies are out that we can add to our Netflix list. A little underhanded maybe but it works! On one of these trips I happened to see The Ultimate Gift. Prior to this I had never even heard of this movie. I think what really drew me to it was Abigail Breslin - I think she is adorable and extremely talented.

I watched The Ultimate Gift last night with Dallas - my ever faithful random movie watching buddy. We were both pleasantly surprised. Most of the movies we watch together are on par with The Squid and the Whale so it was great to find that this one was quite normal.
The overall story line is that a rich old man dies and leaves a mysterious gift to his grand son (the main character) but the grand son has to go through a series of trials in order to receive the gift. Along the way he becomes friends with a little girl. Some of the trials are a bit extreme, such as being taken as a hostage by drug lords in Colombia. But if you watch it for the moral of the story it's really quite cute. I think that both Dallas and I had a tear glistening by the end.

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