Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sounds like Greek!

In our lives, anything can happen and things change at the last minute all the time. However, we're going to start planning a trip to Greece for Chris's birthday. I left it up to him what he wanted to do and he chose to go to Greece and...to invite our parents. I know! Surprising. I'm excited. I'm even trying to pick up some Greek in preparation for our trip. Greek is proving to be a little tougher than Italian though.

The first thing we need to decide is if we want to take a Greek cruise through the islands or if we would rather take ferries and stay in hostels or hotels. I'm so busy with the current project I'm working that I haven't had time to really look into it.

So, if you know anyone that has been to Greece, would you consider passing their contact information along? I'd love to get some tips and direction from someone who has done it.

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