Monday, February 25, 2008


I went to Seattle with Chris last weekend to see his parents' new house and meet their new puppy Charlie. His parents had just moved in two days before we got there so things were still in boxes etc but I thought they had done an amazing job in such a short time! I took lots of pictures of both the house and the adorable girl (Charlie). We also saw Chris's aunt Judy and his cousin Debbie and her kids. Pictures Here.

From Seattle I rushed back to work and off to Chicago. Chris joined me for a couple of days. We had dinner at an amazing Italain place and we were even able to get downtown for an afternoon. We lucked out and there was an Ice Art exhibit in the park. It was really cool looking. Pictures Here.
From Chicago I was off to Ann Arbor where I will likely be for the next couple of weeks.

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Mini Mama said...

Lots to talk to you about this post on your visit this weekend! Loved the ice art. What a smart way to do something fun in brutally cold weather. Mary and David's house looks so great. Can't wait to see the finished product. And what a view!