Monday, July 21, 2008

Cedar Point - Check

This weekend was HUGE for me.

I started my "bucket list" when I was about 12 years old and living in Orlando, FL. One of the first items added was a trip to Cedar Point located in Sandusky, OH right on Lake Erie. Cedar Point is universally known as the roller coaster capitol of the world. It is constantly setting new records with it's coasters and holds the most coasters (17) in one park. When I added this to my list it didn't seem any more attainable than "float down the amazon". Little did I know that I would end up living in Cincinnati, a mere 4 hours drive away from this roller coaster mecca.

Since we're moving away from Cinci soon we decided that we had waited long enough and we hopped in the car and drove up. I found an internet deal where for $10 more per person you can return to the park for a second day. So we spent Saturday evening and Sunday morning/afternoon wandering the coastery goodness.

The lines were insane on Saturday but we had much better luck on Sunday and the weather cleared off so we could enjoy the day. Here is the list of coasters we road and our take on them
  • Mean Streak - not impressed, King's Island Beast and even Son of the Beast are better
  • Millenium Force - awesome, this was our first good coaster and was worth the 2 hr wait
  • Iron Dragon - don't bother
  • Top Thrill Dragster - what a rush, it is amazing and worth a long wait but be warned it's over quickly, you almost have to ride it twice to really appreciate it.
  • Power Tower - chris rode this and said it was fun, especially since there was no wait.
  • Magnum XL 200 - lots of air time, worth a wait but not the best CP has to offer
  • Gemini - not impressed, it's more about racing than thrills which is kinda boring
  • Cedar Creek Mine - we knew not to expect much but the wait was 10 minutes
  • Maverick - this was Chris's favorite and my second fav - lots of twists and turns, take out your earrings!
  • Raptor - Good, worth the 30 minute wait but a bit rough and not really a 5 thrill level
  • Wicked Twister - my favorite, the rush of dragster but more time to appreciate it
All of our pictures are here. With the rain on Saturday we focused on the locals to provide some entertainment and boy did they...we saw some really funny, traumatizing and interesting sites...
I definitely hope to return some day but for now I am very glad to have made it up to Cedar Point and highly recommend it to fellow roller coaster enthusiasts.

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Mini Mama said...

Thanks for the links. I got to ride the coasters virtually which is just fine with me! Glad you made it before you moved.