Monday, September 24, 2007

Move Review - 10 Items or Less

10 Items or Less - Three out of Four Thumbs up

Chris and I watched this together our first night home from Italy. He was a little bored by it but I really like it. I will say it's not a movie for everyone though - it has a very Naturalistic style to it. Rotten Tomatoes sure didn't like it, but that doesn't mean much to me.
The overview is that Morgan Freeman meets Paz Vega (from Spanglish) in his usual way (he talks to everyone) and they randomly end up driving around town together for the day. The entire movie is you following their budding friendship as they drive around. That's it.
But to me there was so much more. If there ever was a Non-Ant, it is Morgan Freeman's character in this movie. The soundtrack really adds to things too. There are moments where I was afraid their friendship was going to cross over into an awkward romance but the director/writer was smart and never went there. The movie is low budget and was filmed in 15 days. After watching the director's notes it seems that much of it was improvved as well - which makes it more fun to watch.
Now to be fair, yes, Morgan Freeman is essentially playing himself. But the character he plays obsurdly obssessed with his identity as an actor and even admits that it has isolated him so I don't think that it means that Freeman is stuck up etc. And as for Vega - well I think she's gorgeous and fiesty so they made an unusual and likeable team.

Overall it's a good date movie and would have been PERFECT for ANTi so I highly recommend ANTi alumnis to go watch it.

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