Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Roma - Part Tre

More on Rome.

Friday Cont. - That night we met up with Fabio and friends again. They picked us up at a MetRo stop and took us to Fabio's condo for dinner. He has a great view of the airport (to be expected for a flight fanatic like Fabio) and very nice, sleek, modern place. They tried to give us a traditional Italian dinner experience. For dessert we had fruit - uve-fragole- which is a grape bread with a strawberry, they are odd to eat but oh so yummy! Chris got to spend lots of time speaking with Fabio about his flight experiences, cars etc which was a treat for him after weeks with me. :) After dinner we were able to just lounge and talk with the group, it was nice to hear about their restaurants (100% Natural) in Mexico - we learned that they have more than 40 in total, we had no idea there were that many. Fabio was kind enough to take us all of the way back to our B&B after dinner, on the way he wanted to stop at Gelato di San Crispini (I know, funny sounding name) for the best Gelato in Rome - he also remembered that they had Cannella (cinnamon) flavor. We got there after 1am and they were closed, we could see people cleaning inside. That didn't stop Fabio though. He put his hazards on, stopped and ran over. Less than 10 min. later he returned with Gelato. How?!? we asked. 'I look like a man with a pregnant wife at home who will kill me if I don't return with her favorite Gelato!' he said with a sheepish grin. I really like Fabio!!! :)

Saturday - We lounged and wandered. We picniced in Villa Borghese again (our peanut scores are over 5000 points!) After our picnic we meandered down to our favorite restaurant of ZioCiro for a long relaxing dinner. Then we went to Piazza Navona and watched the street mucisians and artists. We stopped for the espresso that Fabio introduced us to as well.

Sunday - We got up early and went down to Porta Portese over the river to visit the Sunday Flea Market. It was a long walk, but a cool thing to see. The problem was that once you entered there was no escaping you had to walk the entire thing! There were lots of people crammed in and it was especially hot. The vendors were selling the same thing they sell in the states - lots of used junk ;) After we survived the flea market we needed a nap and wound up at a little trattoria across the street from our B&B where we had a nice dinner of pizza with Amy from Boston. She wandered in alone the same time as us so we invited her to join us. She was in Rome for a couple of days on her way to Israel for her nieces wedding.

More to come! Ciao

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