Sunday, September 23, 2007

Roma - The Summary

We made it back to the states just fine, we even got the first class sized seats on the flight back which was really nice. The first thing we did after we'd caught up on sleep was go to lunch at First Watch. It was airconditioned and they put a pitcher of free water with ice on the table for us. We were extatic!

Roger was so excited to have us home, he purred and meowed like never before. He was so hyper that he couldn't sleep our first night home and kept waking us up for cuddles and play time.

I've already managed to get down to Orlando for a quick trip as well so that I could tell the family all the details of our trip while it was fresh in my mind. The more I talk about it the more grateful I am that we were able to hang out with Fabio - being able to enjoy his company and that of his friends really made the trip that much more memorable and special for us. Being immersed in another culture and language like that was just so much fun for me. Chris and I are already talking about what our next trip will be. We definitely caught the Travel Bug.

I'm not sure how, but I have already managed to narrow down the 3 gigs of pictures and video (over 500 files) down and posted the best on Flickr and YouTube. If you view the pictures on Flickr I recommend a slide show on slow, click on the picture (an 'i' pops up when you hover your mouse over it) and it will pop up a bar along the bottom with my notes. We've already shared the details of our trip with our closest family and friends - if anyone else wants a personal update you'll have to contact us, otherwise what is here is what you get.

Now - back to real life. :) I have to do laundry and start mentally preparing for my return to Corporate America tomorrow - yikes!

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