Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Roma - Part Quatro

Monday - THE VATICAN, FINALLY! We toured St. Peter's Bascillica with our favorite tour guide, Eugene. It was by far the most overwhelming thing we've seen yet. The amount of gold and art and talent was just breath-taking. The picture below is off of Chris's phone and is of St. Peter's Bascillica looking up into the main dome. Because all of the art in the church is either mosaics or marble and no actual paint, photos are allowed here. The line for the Vatican Museum was too long and Eugene said his tour wouldn't be worth it because we'd be too short on time by the time we entered. So we went on our own. It was close to closing time so we sort of sped through to get to the Sistine Chapel which is at the very end. Again. Wow. Wow. Wow. This will have to be explained in detail later.

Tuesday - It's our last day and it is raining a bit. We are going to revisit our favorite spots and restaurants (of course including gelato and espresso). Tonight we may hang out with Fabio and friends one last time. Then early tomorrow we head back to our poor lonely Roger. I think we are both looking forward to ice, a soft mattress, air conditioning and TV in English!

Talk to everyone soon!


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The Non-Ant said...

Oh man! I forgot to tell you to look at "Exotic Bird Contemplating the Fate of Mankind"!!! Since you were in a rush you probably missed it. Chris got a better picture with his phone than I did with my camera! Those "no photo" Nazis are hard to get past too! Way to go Chris. :)

Haha, enjoy your ICE when you get back. And CALL ME.