Monday, February 11, 2008

Geek Song

I don't know if I am way behind in discovering this or what. Megan put a song at the tail end of her latest mix for me (the mix was amazing by the way) that had me cracking up!

It's called The Humans are Dead and you can listen to it by clicking here or you can watch the youtube video below.

The binary solo is what gets me every time. Has anyone else seen/heard this song? If so, why has no one else shared it with me?

PS - Thanks Meg :) Some other fun songs from my new mix are Coin Operated Boy, Merry Happy and I'm Sticking with You my absolute favorite is Tire Swing.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's pretty mature of Hannah (quotes page), did she write it for you?


ButterflySunshine said...

The poem you're referring to is not by Hannah Pratt(she's nearly 16 now). I found it online when I was looking for quotes for my Grandma's memorial DVD.

Pretty though huh?

The Non-Ant said...

Yay! I'm glad you're enjoying it. I keep playing "Tire Swing" kind of obsessively. I can't get it out of my head, but I'm ok with that for now. ^_^ (Kimya Dawson is good in general, as well as Kate Nash. You should check out more...or wait for me to make a new mix.)

ButterflySunshine said...

New mix please! I'll have worn out the latest one before long.

packphour said...

Since you don't post daily, I'm forced to post my latest comments on your last post.

2002, the houseboat quote. I'm reflecting on time right now and not enough has happened between that and now. A lot has happened... but not 5 and a half years worth.

Just in awe.

ButterflySunshine said...

Sorry - I don't have time to post daily to give you a place to comment...But there is this thing called e-mail :)

Maybe not 5.5 years worth in your life, but there definitely has been in mine. You just need to catch up!

PS - who would have thought 5 years ago that I'd be living so close to the houseboat capital?!?