Tuesday, September 9, 2008

All Hung

Chris randomly scored 11 days off in a row. We've been using them to entertain and finish the little things around the new apartment. We FINALLY got some wedding photos on the wall (I know, it's been two years, sad huh?).

We also finally did something with the art we've been collecting on our trips.

I've been trying to hook myself up with a headboard for year and it just hasn't happened. Well, we finally found one! We finished staining it and brought it home this week.
Oh, and Chris hung my new magic bookshelves, notice how the books seem to be floating?

Since we are both gone so much we had to start packing about a month before we actually moved, this meant a month of coming home and having to move boxes to get to the dresser, of having to dig through boxes to find a shirt or sissors. Then once we got here we both had to leave right away to it's taken us almost a month to completely settle in. I think we are actually done. As in, completely settled, everything hung and organized and in it's place.

I still think I might paint a few walls, but that is a project for another month.

PS - I really think that there is a test labratory near our new apartment where they try to see how large they can make a lizard. I swear there are more lizards around here, most of which are practically the size of a small iguana - they're almost so big that they don't bother me!

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Holy cow, those bookshleves look awesome!!! They do look like they are floating! Second, can't get to your e-mail link, so drop me a message so I have your e-mail. sherrijohnson82@aol.com