Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Compare Candidates

First off, let me be clear that I do not yet know which candidate will get my vote in November. I do know that for the first time since I have been old enough to vote that neither candidate terrifies me - I think that either solution will be worlds better than what is in the White House now. That said...

My first thought when McCain announced that his running mate was a women (without knowing who) was "what a media ploy!". All of the debates around Palin's experience aside, I really think that McCain chose her to get votes, not because she was the most qualified - and that really bothers me.

My second thought was "I wonder how many will vote for McCain because the want to see Palin win?" I'm worried that many will vote for McCain/Palin because they like Palin and her extreme conservitive views. The thing is, unless McCain suffers a terrible tragedy, Palin will have minimal power - it is McCain who will be in the Oval Office. I think it's important to keep that in mind.

I am baffled when I see news stories and articles that compare Palin to Obama - it's apples to squash. We need to look at apples to apples - Obama to McCain and Palin to Biden.

On another note, I have seen and heard a lot of comments made both about Obama and McCain that just don't seem accurate. I have read Obama's books, and while I don't agree with all of his politics (specifically healthcare, but other issues as well) I truely think that he is a good man. I have not yet read McCain's book but based on his past decisions (in life, not necessarily politics) I think that he too is a good man. My time over the next 6 weeks will be limited, but I hope to research as many of these potentially inaccuracies as I can. Here is my list so far - if you can provide factual input on any, or if you have suggestions for additions, please comment.
  • McCain & Obama - % of voting history with Bush?
  • Obama - won't wear a flag on his lapel?
  • Obama - if wins, insists on swearing in on the Koran?
  • Obama - has Muslim family members?
  • McCain & Obama - voting history around oil issues?
  • Palin - bridge to nowhere, true history on
  • Biden - history with efforts in Iraq
  • McCain - political accomplishments?
  • All four candidates education and voting history (a document for comparison through debates)
  • Research Michelle and Cindy
  • Compare policies around major issues of healthcare, oil, war, education, jobs, abortion and economy

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