Saturday, September 20, 2008

Nebraska - Check

Mom and I are on a road trip together. Thursday we were able to meet in Salt Lake City (SLC) where we rented a convertible and drove into town to check out Temple Square (shown in my last post). We enjoyed a home-cooked lunch at the Lion's Club and got a tour of the Mormon Conference Center. We got stuck in Salt Lake City for an unexpected night, but we made the most of it by having dinner at the Red Iguana and then slipped onto the AM flight to Rapid City, South Dakota.
You all know how I want to hit all 50 states so from Rapid City we have all sorts of fun plans.
Pictures for now, we can fill in details and links later.
Our goal in Nebraska was Scottsbluff, but on the way we couldn't help but stop at Car Henge - words cannot describe....wait until you see the video!

We did make it to Scottsbluff though, the museum was closed but it was cool to see. It's fairly flat terrain and then this huge rock structre. It's right on the Oregon Trail and it was the way they knew that they had survived the plains and were entering into the mountainous part of the trail.

Chimney Rock was near by and caught our attention too.

The trains in the area are insane! Mom counted 142 cars on one, we have no idea how long a car is but we figure that train was easily more than half a mile long.
We had a very delicious, Mid-West Gourmet meal at the Whiskey Creek Saloon and now we're resting up for tomorrow. Check back tomorrow for more.

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