Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Over the holiday weekend Chris and I went shopping for more new house stuff. We finally found a headboard we liked that wasn't insanely expensive, we ended up at WoodYou with one that we will stain ourselves. We also decided to buy the flat screen TV that Chris has been dreaming about for the past year. With the holiday they were on sale and we had some coupons from moving so we got a really good deal. Chris got it setup while I was gone, and it is pretty nice. We're planning on having a house party soon to show of our new place.

Moving back to town got me reminiscing about when we had our first place together, out in Lake Mary. Just about everything we owned was a hand-me-down or purchased at a garage sale. Our big exciting purchase was a dorm style desk at Walmart. Not that there is any way anything wrong with any of this, it's just that we have come a long way in five years... Actually, a lot has happened in the past five years since we first became "an item". I finished school, Chris getting the airline job, five seperate moves including the one north, I've had a total of five jobs if you count the silly ones, the wedding, the travels - we've been pretty busy. And just wait, there is even more to come :)

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