Friday, September 5, 2008

Gifts from Spain

I have friend in Spain. I've mentioned them before, they found me by looking at my wedding pictures on Flickr. Carolina loves to go barefoot and admired my barefoot wedding day. Ever since she and her husband Gerardo and their twin daughters Patricia and Sofia have been emailing me reguarly about live in Spain, sending photos etc. We have become great friends!

Last Christmas I made a something small for each of them and sent them a Christmas package. To return the favor they send me a housewarming gift, it was awesome! They sent a calendar with scenes of Cordoba (they're home town), four bookmarks which are so pretty that I framed three of them. The girls sent paintings they created which are amazing and Carolina picked out an Indian ankle bracelate for me the has bells and jingles. See?

They also included a letter telling me how much fun they had getting to know me and how they hoped that the calendar would make me want to come visit. The coolest part? Chris has two weeks of vacation in October and we decided earlier this week that we want to use some of that time to try and visit them! So, we are trying to figure out the details but I think we will soon get to meet my Spanish Family! I am VERY excited, if you couldn't tell :)

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